What Tests Do I Need to Take?

The test requirements for candidates seeking certification in Missouri have changed with the retirement of the Missouri Educator Gateway Assessments program. If you have questions about what tests you need to take for educator certification, visit the DESE website opens in a new window.

Candidates Seeking Entry into an Educator Preparation Program

Candidates seeking entry into a Missouri educator preparation program must pass the Missouri General Education Assessment (MoGEA).

The MoGEA is composed of four subtests (066–069):

  • Reading Comprehension and Interpretation
  • Mathematics
  • Science and Social Studies*
  • Writing

*Passing the Science and Social Studies subtest is no longer a testing requirement for admission into a Missouri educator preparation program. Read more about the MoGEA testing requirements update.

Candidates Entering an Educator Preparation Program

The Missouri Educator Profile (MEP) is optional for Missouri candidates. The MEP is an assessment of work style preferences used to support the development of effective educator work habits. It is not being used for admission into a program. There are no right or wrong answers, so it is important to answer the questions honestly.

Your results are presented in a Development Report so that you can better understand how your current work habits compare to those of effective educators and what you can do to develop your work habits further. You are encouraged to review the results with your advisor and to create a plan for your professional development.

Although it is not a requirement, some preparation programs may instruct you to complete the MEP.

Candidates Seeking a Paraprofessional Position

As of September 2013, candidates with fewer than 60 semester hours and seeking a Paraprofessional position to work in Special Education and/or Title I settings in Missouri must achieve a passing score on the Paraprofessional test. The test measures competencies in English language arts and basic mathematics skills for practicing and prospective paraprofessionals.

Candidates Seeking Educator Certification

Beginning September 2014, candidates seeking educator certification in Missouri are required to achieve a passing score on the appropriate Missouri Content Assessment(s). Effective August 31, 2014, the Praxis II series will no longer be used for Missouri educator certification candidates.

For information on which tests to take, please refer to the Certification Requirements link opens a PDF document.

For more information regarding Missouri educator certification requirements, visit the Missouri Department of Elementary & Secondary Education link opens in a new window.

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